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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ News ~
Flood Insurance
Posted on Aug 31st, 2016
From Councilman Glen Stuckel's August 30, 2016 eNewsletter:

MSD wants you to know that anyone in Louisville Metro can purchase flood insurance. Lenders require flood insurance for those inside the mapped floodplain. Those who live outside of these areas can still be at risk for flooding.

More than 20 percent of all National Flood Insurance Program claims are from areas outside the mapped high-risk areas. Just a few inches of watewww.floodsr from a flood can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Protect yourself and your home by calling your insurance agent to learn more about flood insurance or by going to http://www.floodsmart.gov  
Message for Code Red Emergency Notification Subscribers
Posted on Aug 31st, 2016
From Councilman Glen Stuckel's August 30, 2016 eNewsletter:
The Code Red emergency notification system many of you used recently ceased providing communications to Louisville subscribers. Current subscribers of that system will need to register at www.smart911.com for the new emergency notification system called LENSAlert.

In addition to receiving emergency notifications, individuals can use this web site to create a profile for themselves and their household to include any information they want first responders to know in the event of an emergency. When individuals make an emergency call, their safety profile is automatically displayed to the 911 call taker, allowing them to send the right responders to the right location with the right information. Information about medical history, allergies to medications, number of residents in the home, and even a picture of the family dog can be added to this profile.
Smoke Detectors
Posted on Aug 31st, 2016
From Middletown Fire Protection District:
We all have heard the saying “Change your Clock Change your Battery”.  Did you know that smoke detectors have an expiration date, the next time you change your battery on your detectors look for a date on the bottom of the detector.  Most all detectors have a ten year recommendation for replacement.
For more information you can contact Captain Tony Hairgrove at 502-245-7555 or email him at thairgrove@mfpd.org
Posted on Jun 9th, 2016

You probably know most thieves gain entry to your home through your front door. But, did you know the second most used method is through a first floor window? Almost 10%of thieves enter through the garage! LMPD's 8th Division has offered some tips to help you better protect your home from theft.
Lock all windows and doors (don’t forget that interior garage door!)
Turn on exterior lights
Install deadbolts to all entry doors if possible
Trim trees and bushes away from windows
Remove objects in your yard that could be used to gain entry (tools, ladders, bricks, etc.)
Get to know your neighbors

Theft from vehicles is another area where citizens can make things harder for would-be criminals.
Make sure all vehicle windows are up and doors are locked
Do not leave your vehicle running unattended
Park in your garage if possible
Purses, wallets, cell phones, guns, and GPS systems are prime targets and should not be left in your vehicle
Do not hide a key in your car or under the hood
If you must keep items you have purchased in your vehicle, place them in the trunk
Kentucky 811
Posted on Apr 19th, 2016
Building a deck, planting a tree or putting up a fence?  Before you dig for any reason, remember to always call 811.  Calling 811 before you dig not only ensures you won't damage valuable electrical equipment but also keeps you from harm.  Call 811 - its the law!
2016 Pool Rules
Posted on Mar 21st, 2016
The Forest Springs Swim and Tennis Club is not part of the Forest Springs HOA.  The Club is owned and operated by the RJ Theineman Co.  The pool manager is Carol Weber and she can be reached at cweber@louisvillerealtygroup.com.  Not all FS residents are pool members, but since many are, the 2016 Pool rules can be viewed here.  Any questions should be directed to Carol. 
Carbon Monoxide Tips
Posted on Jan 19th, 2016
From the Middletown Fire Protection District
Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas, but, being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating, it is very hard to detect. Carbon Monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion of gasoline, natural gas and propane or improper ventilation of these gases.  Symptoms may include headaches and flu like effects; larger exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system. (you may have trouble keeping your balance or walking). Prolonged exposure can even cause death.  There is only one way to detect carbon monoxide and that is with a UL listed detector.  There are several of these available to choose from at your local retail stores.  The electric with battery backup and digital read out is one of the most preferred.
For more information you can contact Captain Dave Dittmer at 502-245-7555 or ddittmer@mfpd.org
Exit Drills In The Home (EDITH)
Posted on Jan 19th, 2016
From Chief Jeffrey Riddle, Middletown Fire Protection District
Did you know that it is a State law that all school systems must have fire drills?  They conduct fire drills to ensure that every student knows a primary and a secondary route to exit the building.  After exiting the building the teachers make sure that all of the students are accounted for. 
Middletown Fire Protection District ISO Class 1 Rating
Posted on Sep 21st, 2015
From Chief Jeffrey Riddle of Middletown Fire Protection District

As of September 1, 2015 The Middletown Fire District was awarded a Class 1 rating from ISO (Insurance Services Office).   ISO rates over 48,000 fire departments nationwide, out of these only 105 departments are rated as a Class 1 Department.  We are very proud to be one of those receiving this Class 1 rating.

$ How this affects your insurance cost $
Most insurance companies use fire departments ISO rating to calculate premiums for your homeowners insurance.  Before receiving our Class 1 rating on September 1st, Middletown had a Class 3 rating.  So, call your insurance agent and tell them to check and make sure your premiums are calculated using our Class 1 rating.

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Middletown Family Fun Festival
Friday, September 9th to Saturday, September 10th at Wetherby Park
Stop by the Fire Departments booth for fire safety information. And meet your Firefighters
  • Sign-up to become a Volunteer Firefighter recruit class starts the fall of 2016
  • If your between the ages of 14-18 sign-up for our Explorer Post.  Training is every Tuesday Night at Station from 7:00 to 8:30 pm
Middletown Family Fun Festival
Friday, September 9th to Saturday, September 10th, Friday 6-10pm & Saturday 10am - 9pm at Middletown Main Street
Middletown's Family Fun Festival and Craft Show 2016. There are hundreds of activities for the entire family! Booths, games, a parade, rides, kidz fun zone and entertainment offers fun for all! Visit http:/www./middletownsfamilyfun.com/directions.html for schedule of events.  
Councilman Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday, September 14th, 6:3 0PM
Councilman Stuckel will join Councilwoman Angela Leet (R-17) and Councilwoman Marilyn Parker (R-18) for a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, September 14. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in room 162 of Burhans Hall on U of L's Shelby Campus. The address is 440 North Whittington Parkway.

The Council Members will begin by giving updates on various projects in the area such as the Northeast Regional library, LaGrange Road improvements, and a traffic study for Westport Road. There will also be time for citizens to ask questions of various agency representatives. Agencies invited include MSD, Metro Public Works, Metro Parks, local fire departments, Metro Codes and Regulations, and the Louisville Metro Police Department.
Winter Junk Pickup
Thursday, December 1st
Junk pickup for Industrial Disposal customers. 

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